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"Embracing Imperfection: It's Okay To Not Be Okay"

Happy Monday, Unmaskers.

This morning, I wanted to share a transparent post with you, hoping it will help us navigate through difficult emotions such as grief and confusion.

As my 46th birthday approaches in six days, yay! I feel grateful to have come this far. However, I find myself dreading the days leading up to my birthday. This is my first birthday without my mother. Last year on March 16th, she was hospitalized and sadly passed away exactly four months later. And I felt compelled to share this post because in our society, we are often encouraged to move on without allowing ourselves to grieve properly. I have always been one to push forward and keep going, thinking I have to keep moving, but that's not right! I miss my mom. I miss her laughter, her complaints, her fussing. I MISS HER, and that's okay.

I have read about stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. It's important to allow yourself to experience these emotions. I believe we hinder the healing process when we pretend everything is okay. I've learned that it's okay not to be okay. Grief comes in waves, and I urge you to ride those waves but hold on! Just like the sad times, I also cherish the good memories, the laughter my family and I shared. Those memories have been a source of comfort during my sorrow.

I have come to understand that grief doesn't only arise from the loss of a loved one. It can appear when ending a relationship, job, sport, or hobby. Grief is a natural response to loss or change. So, sometimes in life, we must bid farewell to people, places, and things. Allow yourself to transition through change, reminisce about moments that brought you joy, laugh at memories that brought a smile, and most importantly, let your tears flow to cleanse and comfort your soul.

Pierre Alex Jeanty once said, "Healing is when your smile doesn't hide anything but reveals what has been concealed inside you."

Sending love to all of you. Enjoy your week.


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1 Comment

I love this and it’s so true, honor yourself and grieve, she carried you for 9 months and nurtured you the best way she knew how, it will take years to lear to live without her presence😘😘😘😘😘

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