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Meet Ty Miller


Ty Miller

Unleashing Authentic Potential with I Am Unmasked (IAU)

In 2013, Tywanda Miller received the vision for I Am Unmasked (IAU). It wasn't until September 2015 - after her first Unmasking session - that Ty Miller recognized the widespread identity crisis amongst many individuals, particularly those who had been confined by childhood trauma, abandonment, and rejection. She empathized with their pain and cries for help, which prompted her to further her knowledge on trauma.

In May 2018, Ty became a certified Master Life Coach and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology and sociology.

Ty's Journey of Unmasking and Life Coaching

In 2018, Ty earned her certification as a Master Life Coach, driven by a desire to assist others through their own "unmasking process." She completed six different niches under the master life coaching curriculum, including Goal Success, Life Purpose, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, and Confidence coaching.

That same year, Ty founded "I Am Unmasked," a business that primarily focuses on individual and group coaching, in addition to providing motivational and inspirational speaking. Throughout her own "Unmasking" journey, Ty discovered three key learnings: (1) Unmasking involves revealing one's true character through acknowledgement, (2) It requires attention and transformation of the mind, body, and soul, and (3) Self-belief and affirmation are essential, especially when standing alone.

For Ty, her life's purpose is to bring people together, encourage them, and above all, help them uncover their true selves. While she enjoys fulfilling all aspects of her life's work, Ty takes great pride in her role as a wife to her wonderful husband, Gregory Sr., and mother to their children.

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