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Meet Ty Miller


Tywanda Miller

I Am Unmasked (IAU) was a vision given to (Ty)Wanda Miller in 2013.  Ty Miller had the first of many Unmasking sessions in September of 2015 and at that moment realized there was a huge identity crisis amongst that group and people in general. She felt the pain and cries of those who were wrongfully imprisoned in their minds, due to abandonment, rejection, and or childhood trauma. Ty began furthering her knowledge on trauma and was certified as a Master Life Coach in May of 2018 and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology.


We here at IAU believes that every person has an authentic potential that they were created to fulfill. Our goal is to provide resources that will free the oppress and remove the chains that bind people from operating in their authentic gifts. Because we know that we will encounter people with deep wells, IAU is a safe haven for people and their vulnerabilities.  We here at IAU, promises to love beyond what we see, we will love beyond a certain creed, color, culture, and or faith. We understand that perfection may never be achievable. however, we do know that authenticity is. We promise to remain a place of refuge, redemption, relevance, and resilience.

In 2018, Ty became a certified Master Life Coach so that she could properly help others through their “unmasking process.

Under the master life coaching curriculum, she was certified in six different niches, Goal Success, Life Purpose, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, and Confidence coaching.

That same year she became the founder of ‘I Am Unmasked “which is a business that is mostly geared towards individual and group coaching while also providing motivational and inspirational speaking.

During her ‘Unmasking” experience she learned, (1) To unmask means to reveal the true character (acknowledgement)
(2) Unmasking requires attention and changing of the mind, body, and soul. and (3) You have to be able to believe and affirm yourself especially when you’re standing alone.

Ty’s life’s purpose is to bring people together to encourage, uplift and more importantly reveal the true character of who they are.

While Ty enjoys all aspects of her life’s purpose, she takes pride in being a wife to her wonderful husband Gregory Sr. and mother to their children.

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