Meet Tywanda

In 2018, Ty became a certified Master Life Coach so that she could properly help others through their “unmasking process.

Under the master life coaching curriculum, she was certified in six different niches, Goal Success, Life Purpose, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, and Confidence coaching.

That same year she became the founder of ‘I Am Unmasked “which is a business that is mostly geared towards individual and group coaching while also providing motivational and inspirational speaking.

During her ‘Unmasking” experience she learned, (1) To unmask means to reveal the true character (acknowledgement)
(2) Unmasking requires attention and changing of the mind, body, and soul. and (3) You have to be able to believe and affirm yourself especially when you’re standing alone.

Ty’s life’s purpose is to bring people together to encourage, uplift and more importantly reveal the true character of who they are.

While Ty enjoys all aspects of her life’s purpose, she takes pride in being a wife to her wonderful husband Gregory Sr. and mother to their children.


Tywanda Miller

TyWanda (Ty) was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and from the days of her youth Ty’s mom noticed strong leadership qualities and a perseverance to succeed in whatever task presented to her.

As most teenagers are raised in a Christian up-bringing, Ty experienced growing pains related to being a normal adolescent. However, she quickly noticed that she was different, and that God had a purpose for her life.

Ty became a licensed minister in October 2010 and was ordained in October of 2012

In July of 2013, after becoming very drained realizing she was at the beginning stages of depression and because, she had been there before and definitely didn’t want to experience it again.

She prayed, cried, and that’s when it hit her, she was in disguise, she was not living as her authentic self. She was barely surviving from a place of hurt, wanting acceptance, and the biggest disappointment was that she did not believe in who the Creator said she was.

After days of meditating, taking self-inventory, praying, and going through a major self-revival that led to a total reset, Ty looked in the mirror and said to herself “I Am Unmasked!”

Ty started to notice not only have she been living below her potential but that there were many in her circle that was also dealing with the same struggle of not believing that they were enough, and she wanted to share this newly discovered liberation with them and the world.