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Freeing the Minds of Those Who Were Wrongly Imprisoned!
This a safe place for your vulnerabilities.

Meet TyWanda (Ty) from Baltimore, Maryland

As a teenager raised in a Christian household, Ty struggled with the usual growing pains of adolescence. However, she soon realized that she was unique and that God had a greater purpose for her life. In time, Ty became a licensed minister in 2010 and was ordained two years later.

Unfortunately, in July 2013, Ty began experiencing the early stages of depression and felt emotionally drained. She did not want to relive her previous struggles, so Ty prayed for clarity and it became apparent to her that she was living a lie. She was not being true to herself and was barely getting by, still hurting from past trauma and yearning for acceptance. The worst part was that everyone believed she was completely fine.

After taking time to meditate, reflect, and pray, Ty underwent a significant personal transformation that led to a total reset. She looked in the mirror and declared "I Am Unmasked," and this became her starting point for the real work ahead.

Meet  Tywanda

About Tywanda

Save the Date! 2025 IAU Retreat in Fairfield, PA.
August 2025

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As I am Retreat

What we do

At IAU, we believe that every person has a unique potential that they were meant to fulfill. We aim to provide resources that will set free the oppressed and remove the chains that keep people from operating in their authentic gifts. Recognizing that individuals may have deep-seated vulnerabilities, IAU is a safe haven for all.

We pledge to love beyond creed, color, culture, and faith. While perfection may be elusive, authenticity is achievable. IAU promises to remain a place of refuge, redemption, relevance, and resilience.

What I Do



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Join the Movement!!
Lets get Unmasked


I've known Ty for maybe 30 years, however we've been friends for about 15 years. With that knowledge I know you may think what I'm about to say makes me bias. And maybe so, but it’s true, I've seen Ty become. Unmasked is not just an anthem it's the embodiment of who she is. I've watched her Unmask insecurities and fears from delayed promises. I've personally seen her Unmask stereotypes and labels. Simply put I've seen her Unmask and become. She personally coachs me in my life. Bias, maybe, but I promise I wouldn't write it if I didn't mean it. If you need further evidence subscribe to her page or attend one of her conferences and you'll get to experience what I know to be.  


My name is Neicey and I would like to say that I Am UnMasked literally saved my life! I started this journey back to Me about 3 years ago and I AM UnMasked has been very instrumental in my transformation and journey. I still use the tools and exercises that was given in our sessions today! Ty was very professional and unbiased. She has a unique way of helping you to see the other side of a situation. She taught me it was ok to be unapologetically me. She taught me to embrace the flaws that I tried to hide about myself and to stand in my truth with no explanations. Through the sessions I was able to get to the root of things I had compartmentalized for years. Through her tools and wisdom I was able to face those dark ugly places, clean out all of the preconceived perceptions of others and stand in my God given truth! Is this journey easy.. HELL NO... but with the help of I Am Unmasked I was and am able to continue this journey with grace and confidence. Thank you I Am Unmasked for helping me to reintroduce to the world an unapologetic and authentically Me 



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