Own Your Stuff!

Happy Day Family!

I am going to jump right in!

One of the first steps to becoming emotionally, physically, and or mentally free, is taking ownership of your own stuff. We have learned how to play the blame game too well and mastered it.

Whenever something goes wrong in our lives we tend to find someone to blame without trying to figure out why we let the situation affect our emotions.

For example, if you are an insecure person you are going to think that everyone’s opinion or expression is directed personally towards you when it could have nothing to do with you. (Trust me, I used to be this person)

Let’s look a little deeper…..

Maybe we are insecure because in our earlier lives no one took time to validate or affirm us so we spent most of our lives not knowing who we really are. Don’t fight it OWN IT.

There is no such thing as adult theory, only child theory. In short, most of what we fight inside on a day to day comes from an experience that’s been encrypted in our heads from when we were children.

Yes, honey we have been masking for years!!!

Owning your stuff will free you from the bondage of your insecure self and the expectation of others. Most often we are our own enemy because we refuse to address the scary stuff. It is easier for us to turn a blind eye.

Then the inevitable happens, we become the MASTERS OF MASKING.

It is also important for you to own your stuff without beating yourself up! Oh MY! We will deal with that in the next blog.

Try this… The next time you are approached with one of those situations…take three deep breaths, think, and then react, OR NOT!!!!!!

Listen, hit me up and let me know if it works for you!

Love yall, and remember, Perfection may never be achievable, however AUTHENTICITY is!

To be continue……

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