Circles Can Become Cycles!

Today, is my 40th birthday and can I just say, my life has been one rollercoaster ride, to say the least. "This year alone, came in like WHOA!! All I could do is throw my hands up and ask my Creator's for help and peace with every dip and every fast turn.

I am learning to intentionally pay attention to every aspect of my life, grabbing and mastering every lesson. My focus was completely off and immature at times! But let me tell you, life have a way of growing you up and making you reevaluate some things.

I am reading a book by Oprah Winfrey entitled The Wisdom of Sundays, and there is a quote in the book that says, Intention rules every outcome. I said that to say, I am learning that everything I say, all of my actions, and all of my responses must be intentional.

So in a nut shell, intentionally, I am going to BE ME!

You will read and hear me say this next phrase a lot in the future, "I AM LEARNING"

I am learning that in life it's not about the way folk treat you it's about how you allow their treatment to affect who you are.

In the past I have let my visions, dreams, purpose, call, books, and ideas lie dormant because I allowed myself to get caught up in what others thought of and about me.

Trying to please everyone can and will be harmful or even death to your destiny and purpose!

We will never please everyone so why do we spend our time trying? Please understand that your life's work is not about vindication on people and it's not about being petty, It's all about learning that it is and will always be up to YOU because it has always been YOU that is responsible for YOU and whatever encompasses YOU! (read it again and say it slow..LOL)

It's about learning that every place is not meant for you and some placements and people are temporary, for some, there is an expiration date and time. I am learning that sometimes you can be at a place, status, or even a moment past your allotted time.

We spend so much of our lives trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Then our CIRCLE BECOMES A CYCLE! And we find ourselves INSANE because we were never meant to stay.

My little brother and I were having a conversation one day and I made a statement and my brother became upset with me and said "Why do you keep saying that?!" I answered, "well that's what they said!" in my big sister voice..LOL and my brother said to me in his GROWN MAN voice, "but it's different when you say it. Do you realize the power that you have?!"

Well let me tell you that two minute conversation changed my whole thought process. That was one of my "lining up" moments because I realized that I had gotten comfortable with someone else cycle of words. My words were becoming unintentional! I forgot that my WORDS TAKE FORM!

So I'll end by say this, I am learning that intention is the why beneath the why. It defines our energy. Intention is the motivation that creates the consequence, whether good or not so good. Without it we can lose sight of our purpose.

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Perfection may never be achievable, however authenticity is! - I Am Unmasked


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"Cycles" and "Comparison Kills" by Jonathan McReynolds (just get the whole album, it's epic!)


The Wisdom of Sundays -Life Changing Insight from Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey

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