I recently dumped fear and it was the best break-up ever!

I will be 40 my next birthday which is in about seven months. I have live most of my life scared. Scared of what, you may ask? LIVING MY LIFE! Most of my fear is definitely generational but I believe that you can only use that excuse for so long. Both, my Grandmother and Great Grandmother passed away in their fifties and I refuse to add to that generational curse.

So you may ask what did I do differently? I looked at myself in the mirror and I said GOOD BYE to FEAR!! I have come to grips with the fact that I was created to be GREAT! I recently started my journey again with weight loss. I decided to see a nutritionist and in two months have lost 15 pounds. I simply believe that when you change you mind, you change your life.

Listen, this has not been easy! However, I appreciate every struggle and slip up because it gives me the strength to try harder the next day. I have also learned to embrace tomorrow because it signifies newness. I am learning not to beat myself up but to accept my flaws along with my strengths. I Am Unmasking and it is a process but since my divorce with fear is now finalized I see life totally different. I snatched the power from fear when I realized fear was really fearful of me, Fear saw my greatness and tried to take me out! Well fear, you might have won some but I am proud to say you just lost one. And I am going to live my life helping people destroy you one at a time. So here’s your mask, it’s no longer needed. As a matter of fact I look much better without It. #IAmUnmasked!

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True Love Will Never Fail. Learn To Love Yourself!

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